The topic of sustainability plays a key role everywhere, from the stage to behind the scenes. Although the cultural sector has long known about adopting a sparing approach to resources, the know-how or people to take effective action are often lacking. That’s where reflector comes in as an advisory centre that works with cultural entities and performing artists to reduce their ecological footprint. 

In the Green Guide for the Performing Arts reflector provides a valuable tool to help performing artists observe a low-threshold approach to implementing ecological sustainability measures. Guides to mobility, production, technology and catering were published previously. Guides to energy and communication are in the pipeline. The Green Guide supports cultural entities and performing artists in identifying the main levers and key areas for environmentally sustainable practices and implementing concomitant measures. 

reflector is committed to a forward-looking and resource-light cultural sector. reflector offers the following from autumn 2023 as an advisory centre:

Mini processes

Cultural organisations receive three support sessions in strategically applying the Green Guide and aligning it with their working practice as closely as possible. The aim is to identify levers and share knowledge in order to embed environmental sustainability in the operation.


Based on the Green Guide reflector offers topical workshops providing practical inputs for an ecologically sustainable working practice with art workers in the areas of mobility and production.

Individual advice

reflector addresses specific needs and issues of ecological sustainability involving different target groups in the cultural domain via individual processes, workshops, presentations, etc.

reflector is supported by m2act, the funding and network project of the Migros Culture Percentage for the performing arts, in collaboration with the Migros Pioneer Fund. 

People involved

Marine Besnard, project Manager, choreographer, Zurich/Geneva

Martina Wyrsch, project manager, environmental engineer, Zurich


+41 79 799 77 79



Image: © reflector