Climate change in theatre: in the future, sustainability will play an important role on stage and behind the scenes. The cultural sector has been long aware of the need to preserve resources, but often lacks the know-how or the human resources to implement effective measures. 

The project «reflector» pursues a solution approach that aims to close this gap and establish ecological sustainability as an elementary component of all operations in the performing arts sector. In the first phase, three theatres will be selected as pilot institutions to engage in a sustainability process, initiated by a life cycle assessment. Hereby Reflector identifies the areas that have the most potential for ecological improvement. In a series of workshops with these theatres, Reflector will develop and implement specific measures. These will in turn be translated into practicable recommendations and made available on a digital platform for other stakeholders in the performing arts to apply in their own operations. 

The project provides a practical model for the rapid implementation of environmental measures in the performing arts and wishes to trigger an inter-institutional dynamic in the Swiss cultural sector.  

«Reflector» is supported by m2act, the funding and network project of the Migros Culture Percentage for the performing arts, in collaboration with the Migros Pioneer Fund. 


The Green Guide for the Performing Arts provides theaters with guidance from reflector on how to quickly implement ecological measures. This contains recommendations for action in the six areas of mobility, catering, energy, production and technology, as well as programming and communication. The first guide on mobility is now available online for everyone.


People involved

Marine Besnard, project Manager, choreographer, Zurich/Geneva

Martina Wyrsch, project manager, environmental engineer, Zurich


+41 79 799 77 79



Image: © reflector