f. l. t. r.:

Mathias Bremgartner, Director of m2act
Regula Schröter, Co-project Development and Content Consultant m2act
Rebecca Frey, Communication m2act
Saima Sägesser, Responsibility funding m2act
Lisa Mösli, Coordination & funding operations m2act (not in the foto)


m2act Permanence

Would you like to know what exactly we do? Do you have questions about m2act funding? Do you have ideas about fair and sustainable processes that you would like to discuss? Or would you like to make an individual appointment? We are here for you!

Every Monday from 11 am to 12 pm on MS Teams!

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We speak German, French, Italian, English and Finnish.
If we are unavailable due to holiday or illness, you will be informed on Instagram.