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The funding project of Migros Culture Percentage supports activities and projects, which are developed and realised by artists in equal partnership with other specialists. This partnership combines creative working methods with practices and formats used in different fields, including social aspects, economics, society, research, science and politics. These interfaces make it possible to create participatory, innovative and forward-thinking cultural activities.


Exchanging ideas, approaches, experiences and knowledge is a core part of m2act’s DNA. Insights and outcomes from all activities are documented and processed. They are then made readily available to all interested parties so they can continue using and developing them as they require. Accessible knowledge transfer encourages processes and structures in the performing arts to be changed in a forward-looking and sustainable way.


Equality, inclusion and sustainability are the basic conditions for all activities and offerings provided by the funding and network project. During the collaborative process, m2act places a great emphasis on fairness in terms of social position, roles and gender. It also believes it is important to be mindful of others and ourselves, and to ensure that all participants are fairly compensated.


General parameters, processes and working contexts in the performing arts need to be sustainable. They are based on the importance of managing environmental, economic and human resources in a conscious and responsible way. m2act works with other participants to develop separable and binding principles, which underpin sustainable structures in the performing arts.



m2act supports co-creative projects that contribute to fair and sustainable practices in the performing arts. It supports ideas, experimental set-ups, processes and projects that create and try out forward-thinking methods, ways of working, structures and tools, with a focus on co-creative projects that are developed and realised on an equal footing by creative artists and specialists from other sectors and social fields.  

At least once a year, m2act puts out a call for proposals of courageous ideas. m2act also supports and collaborates directly with project partners that are also dedicated to cultural co-creation, accessible knowledge transfer, fair practice and sustainable structures in the performing arts. The sum of CHF 300,000 of funding is available each year.

Current call:
m2act – Call for Proposals 2021

Previous calls:
m2act – Call for Projects 2020 // Funded projects 2020


Working in cooperation with alternating partner institutions, m2act hosts an annual event which takes place over several days. The annual m2act Campus offers a platform for those engaged in the cultural sector and other specialists to exchange ideas. The focus of this multi-day event is on working together to create and try out forward-thinking ideas and approaches for the performing arts. Furthermore, the projects receiving funding and other projects selected by m2act are also presented to a wide audience.

Save the Date

23 – 25 September 2021: m2act@Gessnerallee

Previous Campus events

8 – 10 October 2020: m2act@Südpol

5 October 2020: m2act@LeGrütli


m2act provides a digital toolbox, which offers practical tips and solutions developed through the co-creative projects, which can be used to meet old and new challenges in the performing arts. The tools contained here are available for unrestricted use and further development. Findings and insights from the events and projects that have received funding are continually added to the toolbox.