m2act Call for Action 2024

Team up & make a change – Using Expert Knowledge to Achieve Sustainable Working Practices

Do you want to tackle a current, concrete challenge in your working reality or sustainably change the way you work?

Do you want to do this with the support of experts?

Are there certain tools, methods or processes that you would like to use?

Is your project in line with the objectives pursued by m2act (fair practice, sustainability, open knowledge transfer)?

Are you prepared to carry out public relations work, i.e. to share your work and your story with other cultural professionals and the media?

Do you have the time to flesh out your project in detail by summer 2024 and complete it by summer 2025?

The m2act Call for Action 2024 is aimed at companies, theatres, festivals, production offices, networks and other fixed formations and structures that are co-creatively – namely together with experts –tackling a specific challenge in their everyday work and would like to apply solutions. The applicants themselves propose experts, tools and methods with which to approach the process.

What does an application need to contain?

Applications can be submitted from 5 February to 4 March 2024 via the Migros Culture Percentage online form. They must contain, inter alia, the following information:

Project description:

  • Where do you see a challenge or opportunity?
  • Why is addressing this challenge important and urgent?
  • How do you intend to tackle this challenge? What is your plan?
  • Who could support you in addressing this challenge with their expertise?
  • Are there certain tools, methods or processes that you would like to use? Why?
  • What do you hope to gain from the intervention/process?
  • To what extent could other organisations/cultural artists in the performing arts benefit from your project being funded?
  • How do you want to communicate your project publicly and share your lessons learnt?

Time plan/roadmap:

  • How will the intervention/process take place?


  • How much do you expect it to cost?

What are the conditions and evaluation criteria?

  • The project is developed and implemented through creative collaboration;
  • is fair and sustainable in practice;
  • is impact-oriented;
  • is capable of being professionally developed further and implemented;
  • is developed and implemented in Switzerland.
  • Relevance for the performing arts as per our call to action.
  • Added value/value proposition for many people engaged within the world of performing arts and projects in the performing arts.
  • The main protagonists of the idea must be domiciled in Switzerland.

Important dates & selection procedure:

  • Launch of the call for action: 5.2.2024
  • Open Teams call (3 p.m.–5 p.m.): the m2act team will be on hand to answer any questions about the call and the funding process: 14.2.2024 and 27.2.2024
  • Closing of the call for action (11:59 p.m.): 4.3.2024
  • Invitation to present project or rejection of proposal: 25.3.2024
  • Project presentation (Teams): 10.4.2024
  • Acceptance and rejection letters sent out: 11.4.2024
  • Initial meeting: 18.4.2024 or 24.4.2024
  • Second meeting: beginning of June 2024
  • Start of implementation: summer 2024
  • Completion of project and final meeting: summer 2025

Detailed information on the call for action, process and conditions:

Teams Info Calls:

Do you have any questions about the Call for Action 2024? Join us on Teams on the following dates:

14.2.2024, 3 p.m.–5 p.m.

27.2.2024, 3 p.m.–5 p.m.


What is m2act?

Migros Culture Percentage m2act supports projects that contribute to fair and sustainable practices in the performing arts. The focus is on initiatives that are relevant to many people engaged in the cultural sector and that are implemented on a co-creative basis. Our networking events provide a platform for exchange and the co-creation and testing of forward-looking ideas and approaches for the performing arts. Knowledge, insights and practical tips gathered at the events and throughout the projects that have received funding are available to all interested parties in a digital toolbox.

Information on other funding formats for the performing arts (ideation and diffusion): www.migros-kulturprozent.ch