Revision of «Indicative fees/wages for professions in the independent theatre scene»

t. Theaterschaffen Schweiz (Swiss Theatre Professionals) promotes fair wages in the independent theatre scene. 2016 saw the publication of the 3rd edition of its indicative fees/wages for professions in the independent theatre scene. These indicative fees/wages are an accepted basis for negotiation, thus contributing to fair payment practices in Switzerland’s independent theatre scene. 

At its 2021 general meeting, the Management Board decided to launch a project on indicative fees/wages, at the same time asking members to voice their concerns about the project.

The project’s aims

  • Update fees and wages
  • Reflect different production methods/ways of working
  • Take into account the language regions with their specific characteristics
  • Take into account key criteria such as professional experience and age

The new indicative fees/wages will enable more accurate calculations with the help of an online tool (in German, French and Italian). These indicative fees/wages are designed to create transparency by showing how fees/wages are composed and broken down.

In late summer 2021, the Management Board established a project group consisting of: three members of the Management Board, a representative of the agencies, a representative of the cabaret scene and a representative of production managers. The different language regions are also represented in the working group. The project is managed by t. Theaterschaffen Schweiz.

The project group started its work in December 2021. The new indicative fees/wages became available in 2023, following an extensive consultation process. The project is part of the service agreement with the Swiss Federal Office of Culture and is supported by m2act of the Migros Culture Percentage.

People involved

Project coordination:
Johanna Rees, Bern/Basel, Head of Services and Projects at t. Theaterschaffen Schweiz

Project group:
Cristina Galbiati, Co-President of t. Theaterschaffen Schweiz & Chair of t. Svizzera Italiana (director, author, performer and freelance artist), Novazzano

Nina Mariel Kohler, Management Board member of t. Theaterschaffen Schweiz and Chair of t. Bern (freelance performer), Bern

Eric Devanthéry, Management Board member of t. Theaterschaffen Schweiz (director, translator, dramatic advisor), Geneva

Gabi Bernetta, Production, Zurich (Bernetta Theaterproduktionen)

Anja Lauper, agency, Olten (Kunstprojekte.ch)

Judith Rohrbach, organizer, Lucerne (Co-Director of Kleintheater Luzern)

Christophe Drag, administrative director (FONDATION COMPAGNIE PHILIPPE SAIRE) and board member of Les Compagnies Vaudoises, Geneva