KlimaKontor Basel

KlimaKontor Basel is a mobile events office. Like a “Kontor” – a place formerly used for trading and exchanging goods – the office deals in existing cultural goods, which it reworks. Acting as an accomplice, it connects Basel-based artists, activists, scientists, institutions and companies as well as members of civil society. The joint artistic projects created all focus on the climate. From January to December 2021, the KlimaKontor is creating four transdisciplinary events clusters in cooperation with Theater Basel, Kaserne Basel and many other partner institutions. In this way, the KlimaKontor is contributing to a visionary, yet specific, regional discourse on the future of the planet, shaped by curiosity, a sense of responsibility, optimism and creative joy.

«Connection» cluster: How can we forge a new relationship with other forms of life?

«Knowledge» cluster: Which narratives shape our view of our environment and surroundings? How can we open up our own point of view?

«Future» cluster: How can we initiate co-creative learning for the future? 

«Freedom» cluster: How can we realign freedom and solidarity when cohesion is melting? Which examples of future-proof concepts can be found on the scrap heap of history? 

KlimaKontor Basel is an initiative of Barbara Ellenberger and Luzia Schelling based on the conviction that art is a medium of experience. It initiates co-creative, transdisciplinary, cross-cutting and participatory arts projects aimed at developing sustainable, solidary and innovative solutions to the climate crisis.

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Concept, curation, network work, mediation: Barbara Ellenberger Concept, dramaturgy: Luzia Schelling Network work, mediation: Anne Schöfer Production management: Elena Conradt and Bernhard la Dous Supported by: m2act – The funding and network project of the Migros Culture Percentage initiative that supports the performing arts

Logo: ©KlimaKontor