FAIRSPEC seeks to ensure ethical work practices in the performing arts sector with a focus on the independent scene. FAIRSPEC raises awareness, creates networking opportunities and conveys knowledge. For this purpose, FAIRSPEC organises events and workshops in collaboration with artists, scientists, other experts and partner institutions. The objective is to create a broadly supported vision of fair forms of collaboration and distribute the knowledge and tools necessary for this purpose.

The FAIRSPEC Charter, which will be created in 2021, sets out basic values and guidelines to be applied to forms of collaboration. The charter’s development process will be structured in a participatory and bottom-up approach. Numerous artists will play a role through thematic groups and during events.

The association will carve out its next steps on the basis of the charter and in collaboration with its growing network, bearing in mind the following questions: How do we establish commitment? Who belongs to the association in the longer term? How do we keep the charter alive? How can we ensure that the FAIRSPEC Charter becomes a matter of course, whose basic values are implemented and lived up to? 

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