23. – 25.09.2021

The three-day public event at Gessnerallee Zurich was a hybrid platform for discussion and cooperation between those engaged within the world of performing arts. It was dedicated to fair, sustainable, impact-oriented practices in the performing arts and in funding of culture. Each of the three days was rounded off with performances and walks in and around Gessnerallee. Details

THURSDAY, 23.09.2021

The first day was dedicated to fair practices in the performing arts. The morning was kicked off by FAIRSPEC and RESO – Dance Network Switzerland together with other contributors. They provided an insight into the various approaches to developing ethical guidelines and ways of working, and highlighted how they can be applied directly. In the afternoon, the issue of fair practice was explored more deeply in the m2act Barcamp. For this open conference format, participants developed their own content. The wide range of co-creative workshops and formats for exchange and networking enabled participants to get together to create, enhance and try out a selection of practicable solutions and forward-looking ideas and approaches for the performing arts. Programme

FRIDAY, 24.09.2021

The second day focused on environmental sustainability in the performing arts. In the morning, the organisation Vert le Futur discussed and debated with input providers and Campus participants on how environmental sustainability influences culture and how the performing arts can make the leap to a more sustainable future. Another m2act Barcamp was held in the afternoon, this time on the topic of sustainability. Programme

SATURDAY, 25.09.2021

The third day introduced us to new funding models and porvided the opportunity to discuss what can be done to aid the intersection of fair and impact-oriented promotion of culture with guests and Campus participants. In the afternoon, the «FAIRy Circus» set up an experimental process as part of m2act’s new funding program: Distributing the allocated CHF 100,000, as well as other material and immaterial contributions among eight project ideas selected as part of the m2act call for proposals 2021 – guided by performer Martin Schick. With this process, m2act wants to test out a prototype of solidarity-based sharing of funds for cultural promotion. Programme

Fotos: Nicolas Gysin