Tasty Future

For an eating culture looking forward to the future

Tasty Future gives impulses to institutions in the Swiss cultural landscape to realign their gastronomical and catering concept by making it sustainable and as plant-based as possible. The Zurich activists behind the initiative are convinced that  «more of the same» is simply not an option due to the climate emergency.

The initiative aims to get the ball rolling in the cultural sector through targeted prompting of decision-makers, networking, and swapping notes: museums, theatre, concert venues, cinemas, festivals, and other cultural institutions are being encouraged to make specific and fun changes to their gastronomy supported by Tasty Future. The aim is to establish a «new normal» in the cultural sector: the production and consumption of plant-based, bio and local food conforming to a food waste concept. Tasty Future is thus making a big statement to artists, audiences, and the general public, which is spreading to other towns and sectors. 

Tasty Future was founded by Daniel Hellmann und Barbara Ellenberger in 2021 and has evolved into a continually growing team of food activists.


  • m4music, Zürich, 24/25.03.2023, presence on site
  • Schweizer Theatertreffen, Fribourg, 31.05.–04.06.2023, workshops and permanent installation
  • Arten Festival, Hof Narr in Hinteregg, 01./02.07.2023, network meeting on art, food and sustainability

Tasty Future will be present at the Swiss Theatre Encounter 2023 in Fribourg, with workshops, a permanent exhibition and a performance by Daniel Hellmann as Soya the Cow:

Soya the Cow – Try Walking in My Hooves

City artwalk for Fribourg with mini-concert

Soya the Cow guides the public on a philosophical and musical walk to non-human bodies and calls into question how people see themselves and the world around them. It is a light hearted call to reset the relationship between people and other animals, based on our shared animality.

Animal rights, climate activism, music, and queer feminism – with a healthy dose of drag thrown in: that is Soya the Cow. The alter ego of performance artist, musician, and activist Daniel Hellmann, who splits his time between Berlin and Zurich, blurs the boundaries between male and female, person and cow and negotiates the tightrope between the earnest desire to change the world and light hearted humour.


People involved

Daniel Hellmann, activist & networker, Zurich

Zoé Kilchemmann, foodsaver & organiser, Zurich

Alexandra Gavilano, mindshifter & activist, Faoug

More Information

Instagram: tasty_future_ch