StuFF in Cycles

New material cycles for theatre

Together with all theatre professionals, StuFF is committed to boosting sustainable, environment-focused thinking, research and action in the performing arts. Existing knowledge is pooled, developed further and disseminated with a view to making sustainable action more accessible. The plan is to create a website as an open source catalogue for environmentally friendly materials and reusable structures with the aim of ending the throwaway cycle in theatres. The current state of research and current discussions will be shared on the platform planned for the long term, with research into material cycles conducted and committed individuals in Switzerland, German-speaking countries and across Europe brought together in a network.

StuFF is a community-based environmental project by Nadia Fistarol (stage designer and head of stage design at Zurich University of the Arts) and Barbara Ehnes (stage designer and professor of stage and costume design at Dresden University of Fine Arts). In the performing arts, most of the materials used still tend to be harmful for the environment and disposed of after a brief use. The two initiators want to change this and link current research to the theatre, creating new innovative material cycles. There is huge demand for the knowledge needed in this respect – and an urgent need to acquire – and more and more people are willing to take action on the basis of up-to-date information. Therefore, the next step is to create the right tools for establishing effective alliances for the mindful management of resources.

People involved  

Barbara Ehnes, initiator, stage designer, professor of stage and costume design at Dresden University of Fine Arts 

Nadia Fistarol, initiator, stage designer, head of stage design at Zurich University of the Arts 

Konrad Walkow, collaborator, stage designer, Berlin 

Roger Merguin, production and consultation, former director at Gessnerallee, Zurich 

Franziska Mülller-Reissmann, material expert, head of material archives at Zurich University of the Arts 

Esther Bätschmann, costume expert, stage and costume designer  

Nik Emch, graphic design, Zurich

FLX Labs, web programming, Zurich

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