New material cycles for theatre

StuFF – new material cycles for theatre is a community-based, environmental project by Nadia Fistarol (stage designer and head of the stage design field of practice at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK Zurich) and Barbara Ehnes (stage designer and professor of stage and costume design at Dresden University of Fine Arts (HfBK Dresden). In cooperation with committed theatre professionals, StuFF is initiating more sustainable, environmental thinking, research and behaviour in the performing arts. Current knowledge of stage and costume design is clustered, refined and disseminated in an open-source catalogue to facilitate sustainable behaviour.

What does this tool offer?

The StuFF tool is a website. It serves as an

  • open-source catalogue for
  • environmentally friendly and reusable structures.

Topical discussions are shared on the platform, material cycles researched and interested parties in the German-speaking area and across Europe can swap notes.



What does this tool do?

The reference tool collates and clusters the knowledge and experiences of and for all theatre professionals and students who want to help drive the process forward. The project is an opportunity for everyone interested in sustainable use of resources to join the StuFF network and benefit from what it has to offer.

  • New prototypes,
  • new material findings,
  • application examples,
  • expertise,
  • university contributions,
  • publications and
  • links to events

can be identified and contributed.

Why is this tool important?

StuFF enables stage designers, students and theatre professionals to

  • build on other people’s expertise when
  • researching how to act more sustainably

in the performing arts instead of starting from scratch. There is information on how to use materials and structures sparingly, there are also links to books, texts, videos, workshops and events.

The networking also incorporates associated projects.

Who is this tool for?

The website is for stage and costume designers, students, scenographers, interior designers, technicians and workshop craftspeople, but also for directors, dramaturges, production managers and performers.

People involved

Barbara Ehnes, founder
Nadia Fistarol, founder
Konrad Walkow, employee
Franziska Müller-Reissmann, material expertise
Leonor Kotoun, material expertise contributor
Esther Bätschmann, head of costumes
Nik Emch, artwork and graphic design
FLX Labs, website implementation
Ramun Bernetta, administration
Livia Frehner, administration assistant​
Roger Merguin, advisory
Nicolás Hinrichs, translator