a permacuratorial, artistic experiment

The far° fabrique et festival des arts vivants Nyon team – in collaboration with permaculture practitioners, artists and scientists – draw inspiration from permaculture in order to reflect on and make changes to how they work. In the form of a laboratory, we will start by getting our hands dirty and then transpose some permaculture principles to how we organise far°. We hope to develop a new collective practice, both concrete and symbolic in nature, not only in our curatorial work, but also in our support for artists.

By drawing inspiration from ethical care, a concept that underpins permaculture, we hope to rethink and reformulate the way in which we work and our activity cycles in order to integrate matters of environmental and social sustainability into, as well as leave a noticeable, intellectual and artistic mark on, how far° is run. 

We will share our investigations and visions in the form of a manifesto, detailing a permacultural institution that other teams can draw inspiration from, in order transform the world of performing arts together.

People involved

Anne-Christine Liske (direction)

Thomas Brodmann (logistics and production)

Nathalie Garbely (cultural participation and production)

Anne Laroze (communications and press, 2023)

Ana Isabel Mazon (communications and press, 2022)

Doris Naclerio (administration)

Sofia Papaefthymiou (communications assistant, 2022)

Sophie Tschachtli (accueil)

in collaboration with: Leila Chakroun (PhD in environmental sciences and permaculture), Clément Demaurex (expert in organizational transformation), Gregory Stauffer (artist-choreographer, pedagogue)

and with the complicity of: Victor Bovy and the team at Perma-Jardin La Ferme de Pré-Martin in Morges – Shannon Cooney (choreographer, craniosacral practitioner, permaculture gardener) and the participants in the HIVE multidisciplinary and collaborative residency: Marion Baeriswyl and D.C.P., Lea Samira Bernath, Leila Chakroun, Maria da Silva, Amaranta Fontcuberta, Anne-Laure Franchette, Laura Gaillard, Robbie l’Anson Price, Christoph Leuenberger, Tanja Saban, Eileen WileySonja Jokiniemi (choreographer, art therapist)

More information

Photo: © Matthias Steffen