home made climate conference

The GASTSTUBE° collective of Beatrice Fleischlin, Nicolas Galeazzi and Andreas Liebmann places a great deal of emphasis on sustainable practices, and has been working on experimental performance formats since 2001. Its current collaboration is focused on examining the fragile ways of existing in the ruins of capitalism and working towards collective survival. For this, they are using and developing tools and techniques allowing them to work together despite the physical distance between them. They cultivate considerate, resource-efficient behaviour at different levels (time, relationships, money, fossil resources). In addition, they share their research and experience as part of workshops and lessons. Their projects are always an invitation to work together to develop the future. 

With «home made climate conference» GASTSTUBE° is creating a theatrical forum in order to explore, together with the public, how we can deal with the climate crisis practically, socially and emotionally. In a private flat in Basel, an experimental space has been created to facilitate discussions about the «home made ecological performance» and its impact on the ecosystem as a whole. This «home made climate conference» aims to make the significance of this crisis tangible, both poetically and politically, and develop courses of action to create prospects for a viable future.

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Concept: GASTSTUBE° Performance Beatrice Fleischlin, Nicolas Galeazzi, Andreas Liebmann Sound: Martin Gantenbein Production management: Elena Conradt / produktionsDOCK Collaboration with: architects of Countdown 2030 and Alma Maki Coproduction: Kaserne Basel, KlimaKontor Basel, Neighbourhub Fribourg, Tårnby Park Studio Copenhagen Supported by: m2act – The funding and network project of the Migros Culture Percentage initiative that supports the performing arts, Fachausschuss Tanz & Theater BS/BL

Image: petit déjeuner en pleine / GASTSTUBE° im Atlantischen Ozean, 2006 © GASTSTUBE°