15. – 17.09.2023

From 15 – 17 September 2023, m2act, the funding and network project of the Migros Culture Percentage for the performing arts, and BURNING ISSUES, the German grassroots movement for (gender) equality and diversity in the performing arts, in collaboration with IntegrARTBühnen BernDampfzentrale Bern and Schlachthaus Theater Bern hosted a three-day network meeting on the burning issues around care, social sustainability and justice in the performing arts.

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Friday, 15.09.2023

It started on Friday afternoon with YOUNG BURNING ISSUES. Up-and-coming artists and students at Swiss universities of the arts were posing questions about safe spaces and structures in training. In the evening, we celebrated with a big public networking party, performances and a concert by Grove in Dampfzentrale to kick off the event.

SATURDAY, 16.09.2023

On Saturday we opened on a formal note in the morning in Bühnen Bern with keynote speeches and a panel discussion. The market place of opportunities took place in Dampfzentrale in the afternoon. This was an opportunity to network and form new alliances with initiatives and associations throughout Switzerland, Germany and Italy. There was a live radio broadcast from the market square. At the artistic photoshoot, participants could stage themselves and their personal «burning issues» and put them on paper in the writing workshop. In the evening Bühnen Bern, Schlachthaus Theater and Tojo Theater showed theatre, dance and performances.

Sunday, 17.09.2023

On Sunday it was time for action: In the open space for activism participants could work on common demands for the performing arts. And in numerous workshops they were able to network and gain know-how on such issues as care, compatibility, equality and fair working conditions. Finally, we handed over our demands to politicians and the media and shared a toast: to a fairer (stage) world and the changes ahead!

Fotos: © Nora Rupp
Video: © Yann Bétant