Sustainable production structures for the independent scene

The permanent shortage of qualified production managers rankles somewhat on the independent scene. What’s needed are production management structures that encourage production managers to stay for the long term and, at the same time, can also function irrespective of the persons involved. In the absence of such structures, the current situation will get far worse in future.

As a production office, our challenge is to make the job profile of a production manager more attractive, more secure, more structured and more sustainable over the long term. We would like to take on this challenge at produktionsDOCK and then give the scene the benefit of our experience. On the one hand, we want to focus on systematic knowledge transfer and management; what was previously mainly personal knowledge (know-how) is to be recorded as well as made easily accessible and more easily transferable. On the other hand, we would like to modify our internal structures with a view to becoming an attractive employer over the long term, both for newcomers and for experienced production managers. In this way, we can offer the scene a sustainable and reliable production structure that is less dependent on individual persons when it comes to smooth functioning.

People involved

Annina Birrer, project management/mentoring/representation and working time models, produktionsDOCK, Basel, Switzerland

Bernhard la Dous, Project Management/Structural Development/Payroll Systems, produktionsDOCK, Lörrach, Germany

Juliana Simonetti, Work Processes/Administration, produktionsDOCK, Basel, Switzerland

Salomé Rodriguez Bär, Training/Work Processes/Administration, produktionsDOCK, Bern, Switzerland

Regula Schelling, Structural Development/Knowledge Management/Methodologies, Basel, Switzerland