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Impact Guide

The Impact Guide provides step-by-step instructions that support project teams in setting up their project as effectively as possible.

It helps stakeholders who want to contribute to structural change in the performing arts in checking their assumptions and in finding out whether the planned activities and offers actually bring about the desired change in behaviour among the target group.

The Impact Guide is based on the theory of change and was developed by the Migros Pioneer Fund together with Policy Analytics.

Why is this tool needed?

Projects that want to bring about social change offer activities that are intended to trigger a change in behaviour in their target audience that would not have taken place without the project offer. The project’s impact is measured by this change in behaviour.

To ensure the effective design of a project, its helps to work backwards and to know its impact chain more precisely.

The Impact Guide asks the following questions to this end:

  • What systemic change are we trying to achieve?
  • Who has to change their behaviour and how, in order to get closer to this systemic change?
  • What offer can our project make in order to contribute to this change in behaviour?
  • What are the assumptions behind the relationship between the offer and the change in behaviour – and are these plausible?


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Who is this tool for?

The Impact Guide is an offer for all those who want to shape a fairer, more inclusive, and more sustainable culture and society with their ideas, activities and projects.

What can this tool do?

With the help of the Impact Guide, a project team can record its own impact logic step by step, check its assumptions and align its activities in such a way that they actually contribute to achieving the impact desired.

It helps in

  • defining the desired impact
  • visualising relationships
  • identifying impact chains
  • checking assumptions
  • refining offers


PDF summary of Impact Guide


Please note: this tool currently only exists in German. Translations are planned.


Authors: Linda Sulzer, Aljosha Henkel, Andreas Beerli

Migros Pioneer Fund / Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives

Policy Analytics

As at: November 2021