TIB meets FIT

FIT (Festival internationale del Teatro Lugano) with director Paola Tripoli and the artists from the group TIB (Ticino Is Burning) meet to ask each other about their shared needs and to find answers to the following questions: 

How do you achieve a partnership of equals with artists and institutions in Ticino working and being creative together?  

How do you create dialogue between artists and institutions beyond the scope of purely productive dynamics? How can one group relate to the other?  

How do you create a small hotbed of communicating parts working together to find new paths? 

The initiators would like to add fluidity to the dynamics between these two worlds, following the path of equity and solidarity in practice by bringing together a generation of young Ticinese artists and an established institution such as FIT. This historical moment invites reflection: a time to propose and implement new ways of coming together across shared skills, languages and experiences with the need to initiate real change in the dynamics of communication and collaboration between artists and institutions. A meeting opportunity equally important for adding synergy to hypothetical future artistic ideas. 

People involved

Alan Alpenfelt, director, TIB, Lugano

Elena Boillat, artist, TIB, Lugano

Camilla Parini, artist, TIB, Lugano

Francesca Sproccati, artist, TIB, Lugano

Simon Waldvogel, artist, TIB, Lugano

Paola Tripoli, director of FIT Festival Lugano



Image: ©Ticino Is Burning