MESHRUM is an interregional network platform established by two institutions (blueFACTORY and La Grange) and their partners (Interdisciplinary Centre for Sustainability at the University of Lausanne, Proxeus and other individuals, groups and projects, etc.).  
Its aim is to unite artists and universities around the common goal of initiating, realising and supporting research at the interface between holistic – and post-holistic – scientific approaches and performing art tools and practices, while making these accessible to a wider audience. The intention is to create an understanding of social, artistic and scientific factors that takes into account the big picture, sustainable practices and symbiotic interactions.  
The platform functions as an artist collective, laboratory and production house in one. All of the activities, resulting from long-term research or short events, will be built on and reinforce one another, without hierarchies or chronologies. Special emphasis is also given to a holistic approach in the governance and financing system, promoting a decentralised, transregional way of working. 

People involved

Martin Schick, Artistic Director of blueFACTORY, Fribourg 

Bénédicte Brunet, Artistic Director of La Grange, Lausanne 

Sarah Koller, researcher, Interdisciplinary Centre for Sustainability, University of Lausanne, Lausanne 

Antoine Verdon, entrepreneur, co-founder of IMEX, Zurich