KlimaKontor Schweiz  

KlimaKontor is a network organisation aimed at connecting the performing arts with the climate justice movement, in which tools designed to promote climate-friendly artistic work are developed, implemented in practice and multiplied. In 2022, founders Barbara Ellenberger and Luzia Schelling handed over KlimaKontor to Charlotte Mathiessen, Lena Schubert and Johann Otten. They are making some updates in light of the more advanced state of the climate crisis and the early stages of green transformation observed in the arts. There are already a large number of productive initiatives in place for reflecting on environmental aspects in the cultural sector, but what they believe are missing are spaces in which the aesthetic, dramaturgical and ideational paradigms underlying an artistic work can be examined in more depth. 

To support this practical transformation in the arts, KlimaKontor is developing two formats: (1) a format for discussion-led events, accompanied by a podcast, and (2) a residency format in which artists, climate activists and dramaturgs can work together to develop tools aimed at making climate-friendly action in the arts a reality. 

Persons involved

Charlotte Mathiessen, co-director of KlimaKontor, dancer/choreographer/dramaturg, Zurich 

Johann Otten, co-director of KlimaKontor, dramaturg/journalist, Zurich 

Lena Schubert, co-director of KlimaKontor, creative artist/cultural scientist, Berlin 

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Image: © Lisa Hoffmann, Angela Lidderdale