Kit de Survie en territoire masculiniste

Pintozor Production takes its audience on a feminist audio walk through the city. «Kit de Survie en Territoire Masculiniste» aims to seek out survival strategies for women in this space planned and constructed by men. The audio walk was developed in residences with urbanist Carla Jaboyedoff and implemented at Théâtre du Grütli in Geneva in January 2021. 

The project looks at the gender-specific structures restricting women’s mobility in the public space. In the feminist battle against violence against women, it switches perspectives, taking the standpoint of an antagonist, embodied by an incel (see below). During the audio walk, the audience hears a woman’s voice in an inner dialogue with the incel. In this way, it puts itself in the shoes of the incel and follows a female stranger, the performer, through the streets. The walk begins and ends in the theatre, where an exchange about the performance takes place. 

Projects by Pintozor Production by Marion Thomas, Maxine Reys and Audrey Bersier from Bussigny VD straddle the intersection between performing arts, the future, the environment and interconnectivity. In their projects, they produce multiperspectival narratives and attempt to redefine the corners of our world, infusing dreams and empathy. 


Incels («involuntary celibates») are young heterosexual men who have sex very rarely or never. They assemble on the internet to discuss a common interest: their hatred for women. Incels believe that women are predominantly responsible for their current situation. They have repeatedly carried out attacks, such as the attack on Isla Vista (California) in 2014.

Concept, dramaturgy, text: Marion Thomas Concept, dramaturgy, performance: Maxine Reys Concept, technology, performance: Audrey Bersier Scientific collaboration: Carla Jaboyedoff Artistic consultation: Yan Duyvendak Coproduction: Théâtre du Grütli Supported by: Bourse Geyser, Ernst Göner Stiftung, Pro Helvetia, m2act – The funding and network project of the Migros Culture Percentage initiative that supports the performing arts

Image: © Pintozor Productions