Family*business: Kunstarbeit und Carework

The initiators of this project idea are mothers working in various roles in the theatre industry. Time and again, it seems to them as if their need to reconcile family and work is not compatible with the structural conditions of theatre houses, the working mentality of certain professional groups and the generally rigid systems in place within companies.  
As a result, they are constantly left feeling powerless and asking themselves: “Can I, as a mother, continue to work at and in the theatre, and do I even want to?” This is what the initiators are hoping to change – for mothers, for fathers and for those looking after their elderly parents.  
In collaboration with people from other sectors, such as politics, they are in the process of developing a platform with a view to creating new conditions, putting forward proposals and implementing ideas – all with the aim of reconciling care work and artistic roles. 

People involved

Mirjam Berger, theatre professional, Organisation Committee, Bern

Nina Langensand, performance/film/theatre professional, Organisation Committee, Lucerne/Geneva

Vera Bommer, actress, FemaleAct member, Organisation Committee, Basel

Ute Sengebusch, theatre professional, t.Punkt Chair, Organisation Committee, Basel,

Ledwina Siegrist, gender researcher and politician / employee at the human rights organisation Brava – formerly TERRE DES FEMMES Schweiz and lecturer, advisory function/Organisation Committee, Basel

Image: ©Mirjam Berger