FemaleAct Checkliste – für Gleichstellung und Diversität in Schweizer Kulturbetrieben

Checklist for the cultural sector

What if all members of society saw themselves represented on stages and in films in all their diversity – in terms of gender, family background, age, appearance and sexual orientation? FemaleAct believes that, for individuals, the impact is immense, because people having a place in stories means that they have a place in society. 

With the checklist, FemaleAct is developing a tool that can be used by cultural institutions to independently analyse their internal structures and productions in terms of diversity. All departments are included in the analysis, which is supplemented by supporting services such as further training and coaching for decision-makers and teams.  

The objective is to expand knowledge concerning diversity and create courses of action for cultural institutions to bring about long-term structural changes – and therefore work towards creating a cultural landscape in which everyone is part of the big picture. 

People involved

Anna-Katharina Müller, actress, FemaleAct Executive Board, Zurich, Berlin

Magdalena Neuhaus, actress, Co-Chair of FemaleAct, Zurich

Oriana Schrage, actress, FemaleAct Executive Board, Zurich

Anja Schärer, actress, Co-Chair of FemaleAct, Zurich

Beren Tuna, actress, FemaleAct Executive Board, checklist project management, Zurich

Kathrin Walde, culture manager, FemaleAct office, fundraising, Basel