Criptonite ACCESS

Criptonite: ACCESS

Disabled artists and accessible art productions are a rarity in Switzerland. There are no resources explaining how accessibility to arts events can be implemented or showcasing artists with disabilities who are experts in these areas.  
Up to now, artists interested in facilitating access to art productions and ensuring means of access have often had to create this knowledge themselves, resulting in additional unpaid work. This additional work also falls to disabled artists, because they are continuously faced with explaining their own needs, and accessibility in general, to institutions.  
Criptonite: ACCESS is a digital platform for artists with disabilities, as well as for artists and cultural institutions in the dance and theatre sectors who would like to make their work more accessible. The platform simplifies this knowledge transfer and creates easy ways to exchange knowledge and ideas.

People involved

Nina Mühlemann & Edwin Ramirez, artists, Zurich

Kathrin Veser, cultural producer, dramaturge, Zurich

Sarah Schoch, cultural producer, artist, production management, Basel

Image: ©Criptonite