11. – 12.11.2022

In November 2022 m2act organized the two-day networking and knowledge-sharing event m2act@grange-unil in cooperation with the University of Lausanne and La Grange – Centre / Arts et Sciences / UNIL  for those engaged in the cultural sector and for sustainability experts. The event focused on information exchange, networking and collaboration in relation to the topic of sustainability in the performing arts. Details 

Friday, 11.11.2022

The event kicked off with an array of suggestions, analyses and practical examples from various perspectives. Héloïse Lesimple from The Shift Project presented an inventory of the situation and proposals for structural changes that encourage more sustainable production logics. Theatre expert Julie Sermon shared her thoughts on what art that embodies environmental approaches could look like. And four initiatives (far° fabrique et festival des arts vivants Nyon, Vert le Futur, artos and reflector) gave insights into their experiences and offerings that help people take action.  

In the afternoon, the topic of sustainability was explored in greater depth at the Barcamp. In numerous co-creative workshops and discussion formats, practicable solutions and future-looking ideas and approaches for the performing arts were jointly experienced, tested and further developed. Details

SATURDAY, 12.11.2022

Networking and the open exchange of knowledge were the focus at the start of the second day. Initiatives and approaches from the sustainability sector presented themselves at the project market. In small groups, they discussed with participants the tangible ways that their offerings and tools can be used and put into practice in the performing arts.  

In the afternoon, two participatory experimental setups focused on playfully experiencing the interplay between ecology and theater: with Isabelle Vuong, specialist in foresight processes and art curator, participants imagined a sustainable future for the performing arts ecosystem up to the year 2050. With MESHRUM and students from La Manufacture performing art school, they immersed themselves in a series of immersive experiments exploring ecology, emotions, and impact. Details

Artistic Programme

The artistic programme was curated by La Grange. On Friday evening, ShanjuLab and their animals accompanied the participants on a walk through the forest from Vortex to La Grange. On Friday and Saturday evenings the play «On n’est pas venues les mains vides!» was performed by Sörörö. Soya the Cow performed their solo show «Dear Human Animals» on Saturday night, and throughout the event, the video installation «Animal Remains» by Badel/Sarbach was on display in the foyer of La Grange. Details

Fotos: © Nora Rupp
Video: © Yann Bétant