m2act Call for Proposals 2022

Time to Act – together for fair and sustainable practices in the performing arts

Do you have an idea that can enhance the fairness and sustainability of the performing arts?

Do you think that your project might serve as a model and be important and useful to many people engaged in the cultural sector?

Would you like to develop a prototype and try out your tool, method or experimental set-up to see if it works?

Are you prepared to share the findings and your insights gained from this process?

Are you keen to connect with other people engaged in the cultural sector who are committed to fair and sustainable practices?

m2act, the funding and network project of the Migros Culture Percentage for the performing arts, provides you and your team with the opportunity to develop and test your ideas together with specialists and other people engaged in the cultural sector. We provide funding, accompany your process and introduce you to like-minded people.

Submit your project to the m2act Call for Proposals 2022 if

  • you are eager to develop and try out an idea that can serve as a model for many people engaged in the cultural sector;
  • you would like to create and try out the prototype of a tool, method or experimental set-up for a fair and/or sustainable practice;
  • you have time to elaborate your idea until summer 2022 (concept phase) and then try it out (test phase).

We are particularly looking for laboratory-like and co-creative projects and processes developed and tried out on an equal footing by those engaged in the cultural sector and specialists from other sectors and social fields.

Conditions and content-related criteria

  • Relevance for the performing arts as per our call to action.
  • Added value/value proposition for many people engaged within the world of performing arts and projects in the performing arts.
  • The project is developed and implemented through creative collaboration;
  • is fair and sustainable in practice;
  • is impact-oriented;
  • is capable of being professionally developed further and implemented;
  • is developed and implemented in Switzerland.
  • The main protagonists of the idea must be domiciled in Switzerland.

Process and dates:

  • Open Zoom info calls: 3 and 24 March 2022, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Submission deadline: 31 March 2022 (the submission portal closes automatically at midnight)
  • Invitation of the shortlisted projects to the idea presentation: 14 April 2022
  • Idea presentation via Zoom: 17 May 2022
  • Acceptances: 18 May 2022
  • First discussion meeting: 30 May 2022
  • Ideas workshop: 11 June 2022 (full-day, in Fribourg)
  • Second discussion meeting: 5 July 2022
  • Public networking event: 10 to 12 November 2022 in Lausanne
  • Final discussion meeting: spring 2023

Detailed information on the call for proposals, process and conditions:

Information sheet m2act Call for Proposals 2022

Zoom Info Calls:

Do you have any questions about the Call for Proposals 2022? Join us on Zoom on:

3.3.2022, 16:00-18:00

24.3.2022, 16:00-18:00

What is m2act?

m2act supports projects that contribute to fair and sustainable practices in the performing arts. The focus is on initiatives that are relevant to many people engaged in the cultural sector and that are implemented on a co-creative basis. Our networking events provide a platform for exchange and the co-creation and testing of forward-looking ideas and approaches for the performing arts. Knowledge, insights and practical tips gathered at the events and throughout the projects that have received funding are available to all interested parties in a digital toolbox.

Information on other funding formats for the performing arts (ideation and diffusion): www.migros-kulturprozent.ch