Calls for proposals m2act

m2act: Call for Proposals 2021

Do you have any ideas to help establish fairness, diversity and sustainability in the performing arts?

How could you create more viable structures in the performing arts in the long term?

How would you develop fairer working conditions?

How can we increase equality in the performing arts with regard to gender, origin, ethnicity and age?

What would you need to be able to work with one another on an equal footing?

Do you have any suggestions for how we can move from DIY (Do It Yourself) to DIT (Do It Together)?

What is m2act?

m2act is a funding and network project, which is part of the Migros Culture Percentage initiative that supports the performing arts. m2act supports co-creative projects that contribute to fair and sustainable practices. The annual m2act Campus offers a platform for those engaged in the cultural sector and other specialists to exchange ideas. The focus of this multi-day event is on working together to create and try out forward-thinking ideas and approaches for the performing arts. Knowledge, insights and practical tips gathered at the events and throughout the projects that have received funding are available to all interested parties in a digital toolbox.

Why is m2act providing funding?

The coronavirus pandemic is not the first major challenge our society has had to face. Now, more than ever, we are being called upon to work towards a culture of coexistence that is open, inclusive and diverse and offers equal opportunities. The performing arts must also address the pressing issues of our time. In order to create the conditions for long-term viability within the performing arts, we also need fair and sustainable structures.
m2act promotes the performing arts by providing targeted support to initiate and implement structural change and thus also strengthen the social relevance of the performing arts.

What does m2act promote?

m2act is looking for ideas, trials, processes and projects that are developing and testing pioneering ways of working, structures, methods and tools. We are particularly looking for co-creative, laboratory-like and discursive undertakings developed and implemented on an equal footing by creative artists and specialists from other sectors and social fields.

m2act wants to work with you to further develop and test your ideas. To ensure an open transfer of knowledge, we will publish the findings together in the m2act Toolbox so that they are available to everyone actively involved in the performing arts.

You can submit:
– Proposals/outlines of ideas prompted by our appeal.
– Ideas and projects that you are currently working on and which meet our requirements.*

Who can submit ideas to m2act?

Creative artists from the performing arts, preferably those who work together with other creative artists and/or people from other areas and who (want to) co-creatively develop projects.*

Please take a look at the information sheet in which we provide further details about m2act’s aims, opportunities and funding process.


(All following dates must be kept free. They cannot be postponed. For detailed information on the process, see the information sheet)

Submission deadline: 18 March 2021 (the application portal closes at midnight).
You must register on the application portal and complete an online form. We recommend you study this as soon as possible (the form can be filled out in several stages). You can also upload up to two A4 pages of visualisations (images and/or graphics). Please note that, in order to treat everyone equally, we delete everything longer than two A4 pages.

Presentation of ideas: 12 April 2021 (all day)
Representatives from up to 15 projects are invited to give a short presentation of their ideas (on Zoom). CHF 200 is provided for each presentation by way of compensation.

Ideas workshop: 8 May 2021 (all day)
Representatives from up to eight projects are subsequently invited to an ideas workshop (held at auawirleben in Bern). The ideas/projects are developed further until the m2act Campus event (which is held in Gessnerallee, Zurich on 23-25 September 2021) and receive CHF 5000 as well as two hours of advice/supervision per project.

m2act Campus: 25 September 2021 (all day)
The finalised project ideas are presented at the Campus event. Up to four projects will be developed further and implemented with financial support from m2act. CHF 25,000 are available for each project for this purpose.

Find details about the process on the information sheet. Please read this carefully. Should you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

* The motivation for submitting an entry must not be to apply for financial support for your next theatre project, but rather to develop ideas on the issues submitted as part of the appeal.